Coat Project


InĀ 2016, I began researching street vending in New York because I wanted to create a display in the form of a coat and curate a selection of mini artworks for sale inside the piece. I soon found out that to do this legally would be extremely difficult. Because I am using a garment as a movable store the whole performance falls into a legal grey area, even though I define thisĀ event as an art piece, an officer might consider this an unlicensed general merchandise sale.

I have visited the vendor union and have seen how they have responded to the lack of licenses and harassment by developing ingenious strategies, becoming knowledgeable about the law, as well as nurturing their own independent source of financial and social support. As technology accelerates change in our society many older forms are no longer valid bringing up questions of how should we adapt and what this will mean for our society. Maybe street vending will thrive but it might disappear or change. For many immigrants, it seems like the only way they can make a living. I am interested in the potential of art which also resides in this grey space as a place for thinking about these issues.