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Hospital de Espejos


Reptilian Couture, 2019
Hand-sewn, digitally-printed, silkscreen-printed, and machine-embroidered satin, with spandex, velvet, and hand-drawn, 3D-penned plastic with ink residue, silver chain, metal purse clasps, and laser-cut mirrored plexiglass, 60 × 36 × 8 inches. Photography by Jeffrey Sturges.

Lion's Breath, 2019
Machine-sewn, cut bathrobes and velvet, metal purse clasps, hand-sewn digitally-printed satin, paracord, and upholstery foam. Photography by Jeffrey Sturges.

Untitled, 2019
Hand-sewn velvet and machine-embroidered pleather, upholstery foam, spacer mesh, foam, and cast concrete base, 9 × 13 × 12 inches.

Frog Licker, 2019
Hand-sewn, digitally-printed satin and silkscreen-printed spandex, 3D-printed plastic, metal purse clasp, with hand-sewn velvet, foam, and spacer mesh base, and one Slice 3 parts, height: 17 inches, overall dimensions variable. Photography by Jeffrey Sturges.

Tardigrade Chakra
Hand-sewn, silkscreen-printed spandex, spandex, velvet, and hand-drawn 3D-penned plastic with ink residue, machine embroidered satin and spandex, resin and epoxy resin filled with metal purse clasps, metal chains, false eyelashes, glitter, colored pebbles, quinoa, false hair, and false dread lock, 19½ × 13 × 7 inches. Photography Jeffrey Sturges.

Hospital de Espejos, 2019
Hand-sewn, digitally-printed, silkscreen-printed satin, digitally-printed and silkscreen-printed spandex, and velvet, 3D-printedplastic, upholstery foam, hand sewn velvet and spacer mesh. Photography Jeffrey Sturges